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Wednesday, November 20th, 2019

  Wed 11/20/19
Mobility: Hamstrings

Deadlift + Bench Press Superset

E3M for 5 Rnds (increasing DL weight):
3 DL*+5 BP+5 Strict Weighted Chin Ups (sc: unweighted C.U. negatives)
*reset each rep, not touch and go!

(We find our DL "Training Max" NEXT week!)

Met-Con: :40 Work/:20 Rest x 16

R1: 8/6 Cal AB then max reps air squats
R2: 16 Renegade Rows then max reps S2OH (F: 35/20) (S: 50/35)
R3: Burpee Box Jump Overs
Express For Time

20 Toes To Bars (F: Kipping Knee Raises)
30 Alt. DB Snatches (F: 35/20) (S: 50/35)
60 Mountain Climbers
30 Alt. Hang Clean Jerks (F: 35/20) (S: 50/35)
20 Toes To Bars (F: Kipping Knee Raises)
Barbell A. Snatch + Hang Snatch

(2+1) @ 65%
(2+1) @ 70%
(2+1) @ 75%

B. Clean Deadlift (knee) + Clean Deadlift (hip/power) + Clean

Build up to a heavy single for the day. Then -15-20% for 3 more sets.

C. Strength Building Circuit - Upper Pull Lower Push Core (FINAL WEEK)

4 x 10 Inverted Barbell Rows
4 x 6/side Contralateral 1-arm KB Front Rack Reverse Lunges
4 x 10/side Palloff Presses (advance split stance)