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Monday, November 18th, 2019

  Mon 11/18/19
Mobility: Hips+Glute Activation
Strength/Skill: Back Squat:
In 25 minutes, find a "Training* Max" for the new cycle and then reduce load by ~50% for 1x12

*Not a true 1RM. Stop just short of failure. (Read: NO FAILED REPS)

Additional accessory done in class as a circuit...
E2Min for 3 Rounds, complete:
- 6/leg 1-Arm KB FR Rev Lunge (alternate legs each rep, switch arms 1/2 way through)
- 10/leg 1-Leg KB* RDL
*for RDL, KB in hand contralateral to planted foot, AKA "cross-core"
Met-Con: 7 Min AMRAP

7 KB Swings (F: 44/26) (S: 53/35)
7 V- Ups
Done in class!
Express 12 min AMRAP

30 Double Unders
10 1-Arm DB Push Presses (F: 35/20) (S: 50/35)
10 1-Arm Front Rack DB Squats (F: 35/20) (S: 50/35)
A. Snatch Deadlift (knee) + Snatch Deadlift (Hip/Power) + Snatch

Build up to a heavy single for the day. Then -15-20% for 3 more sets.

B. Clean and Jerk

(2+1) @ 65%
(2+1) @ 70%
(2+1) @ 75%

C. Strength Building Circuit - Upper Push Lower Pull Core (FINAL WEEK)

3x8 Half Kneel Landmine Presses @ RPE 6-7
3x8 Barbell RDLs @ RPE 6-7
4x8/side KB Front Rack Marches