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Wednesday, October 9, 2019

  Wed 10/9/19
Mobility: Hamstrings
Strength/Skill: Post Met-con Row Sprints

:30 for max meters/1:00 rest x 6 sets

*Goal is to match or improve max meters
each set.
Met-Con: EMOM x 6 Rounds

M1: 8-10 Sandbag Ground-to-Shoulders
M2: 10/side KB Drags (F: 44/26) (S: 53/35)
M3: 200m Run

Alternative for sandbags are Slam Balls.
Alt. DB Incline (opposite arm stays in the up
position while the working arm does a press):
2x10 each
Lying DB Rear Delt Raise: 2x10
Single-arm Tricep Rope Press Down: 2x10 each
*Deload: use a moderate weight
Express :30 Work/:15 Rest

4 Round per station. Must complete all 4 rounds before moving
to next station.

S1: Landmine Push Split Jerk Press
S2: Renegade Rows
S3: Double KB Sumo Deadlifts
S4: Goblet Squats
S5: Burpees
Barbell A. 2-Position Snatch (Top To Mid)

2 @ 50%
2 @ 60%
2 @ 70%

B. Clean Deadlift To Knee + Clean Deadlift + Clean + Front Squat

(1+1+1+2) x 2 @ 50%
(1+1+1+2) x 2 @ 60%
(1+1+1+2) x 2 @ 70%

C. Strength Building Circuit - Upper Pull Lower Push Core

4 x 10 Barbell Bent Over Row
4 x 10/side Split Squats
4 x Split Stance Rotational Lift