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Friday, August 30, 2019

  Fri, 8/30/19
Mobility: Shoulders/Chest
Strength/Skill: *If you hit your percentages last week for all rounds,
increase to these percentages, otherwise repeat
last week

A) Banded Push-ups (Advanced: hands on band,
Mod: belly on band) OR
B) Ring Dips (Mod: banded)
C) Muscle-ups

3 Rd's:
30% of MUBE,
40% of MUBE,
50% of MUBE,
Rest as little as needed between percentages,
Rest 1:30-2:00 between rounds
Met-Con: For Time (10:00 CAP)

400m KB Suitcase Carry (F: 44/26) (S: 53/35)

then 21-15-9

1-Arm Alt. Devil Press (F: 35/20) (S: 50/35)
Toes-to-Bars/Kipping Knee Raises

*Remainder of rep is added to 10:00 Cap
GHD Back Raises (plate or BB on back): 3x10
Bridge Hold with MB Leg Curl: 3x10 each
Box Jump with straight leg landing (use as low of a
box as needed: 3x8
Express :30 ON/:10 OFF x 3 Rounds

S1: Battle Ropes
S2: MB Hip Tosses
S3: Box Jumps (20")
S4: KB Front Rack Marches
S5: Wall Balls

1 Minute rest between rounds
Barbell A. EMOM x 7 minutes (+5-10lbs)

Block Snatch (Knee). Increase weight after every minute.

B. EMOM x 7 minutes (+5-10lbs)

Block Cleans (Knee). Increase weight after every minute.

C. Floating Snatch Deadlifts (Use Straps)

Find a Heavy 5RM for the day then -10-15% for 2x5