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Thursday, November 8, 2018

  Thurs 11/8/18
Mobility: Shoulders/Hamstrings
Strength/Skill: Skill:
Pistol Progressions-
5 Feet together squats (or as narrow as you
can - if needed, hold onto a band to prevent
you from falling backwards)
4 Single-Leg Bottom Holds (at the bottom of
the feet together squat, extend one leg and
grab toe, hold for 2 seconds then switch legs
without standing up)(mod: put a band across
a squat rack and put it under your butt to
prevent falling
6 Alt. Single-Leg Negatives to Double-Leg
Stand (:05 negative)(mod: to bench or stack
of plates)
The Work:
10 Rolling Pistols (5 per leg, 3 sets):
Level 1: Rolling Candlestick-Feet together
squat, roll onto back, plant feet back down
together and stand - can use a post to
assist if needed - 10 total reps)
Level 2: 1 leg descent, 2 leg stand
Level 3: 1 leg descent, 1 leg stand
Level 4: 8 alternating pistols
*between each rolling pistol set, take
2 minutes to practice double unders
Met-Con: 4 Rounds Each for Time:

250m Row
100m KB Front Rack Carry
20 MB/SB Slams (if doing SB slams, do NOT
use the ones in the closet, those are the ones
with holes in them)
Rest 2 minutes
Cable Straight Arm Pull Downs with straight
bar: 2x10
Seated Plate/KB Diagonals: 2x10 each (hip to
over opposite shoulder then back to hip, keep
core tight and sit tall)
Single Leg Medial Box Jumps w/ :03 hold:
2x8 each (use low box, focus on sticking the
landing and stabilizing)
*Deload: use moderate weight
Using max WATTS average found last week,
perform 1:00 on/1:00 off x 8 sets at 65%
of max avg. watts