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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

  Wed 10/31/18
Mobility: Shoulders
Strength/Skill: 3 sets for quality-

5 Bar Kip Swings + Hip Drive, focusing on
creating tension, a strong midline, and
perfect lines of action (Advanced: Ring Kip

10 Low Ring Push-ups (modify by raising
rings, but no higher than mid-thigh height.
If you need to mod further, go from knees
and do 1 hand on the floor, 1 on the ring -
switch hands half way through)

10 1-arm Half Kneeling KB Presses/arm
(focus on bracing first and keeping rib
cage locked down)

4 Heavy Turkish Get-ups/side
Met-Con: E3MOM x 5 rounds

15/12 calorie Row
5 Touch-and-go Deadlifts

*build up in weight after every round
Cable Flies: 4x10
SB T's w/ rotation at end range (lying face
down on a SB perform a "T" with thumbs
down. At the top, rotate shoulders so
thumbs turn up, then rotate back down and
lower arms): 4x10
Tricep Kickbacks: 4x10 each
Express 12:00 AMRAP-

15/12 calorie Row
15 Heavy RKBS
Barbell A. Snatch

3 @ 65%
3 @ 70%
3 @ 75%
3x3 @ 80%

B. Hang clean + split jerk

5(1+3) @ 70%

C. Behind the neck push press (snatch grip)
+ snatch balance + overhead squats

Find a heavy complex for the day.

D. 3 rounds

1 min weighted planks
1 min side plank/side