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Friday, October 19, 2018

  Fri 10/19/18
Mobility: Hips/Shoulders/Front Rack
Strength/Skill: Squat Clean Double + Split Jerk (NOT
touch-n-go, but get set right back up, don't
step away from the bar)
5 sets between 75-80% of best clean and jerk
or RPE 7 if you don't know your max
Met-Con: Every 2:00 x 6 rounds

5 Heavy Deadlifts
10 Box Jumps (F: 24"/20") (S: 30"/24")

*deadlift weight increases every round.
Minimum 10lbs increase for deadlifts
*Start at 60% of deadlift and aim to finish
around 85%
Single Leg BB Hip Thrusts: 3x8 each
Seated Machine Leg Curls: 3x8
Chinese Planks (face down and face up):
3x40 seconds per side (lay between 2 soft
boxes of equal height, shoulders on one,
feet on the other and keep body hollow
Express 12:00 AMRAP-

10 Heavy RKBS
10 Box Jumps
Barbell A. EMOM x 10 minutes

Snatch @ 83%

B. EMOM x 10 minutes

Clean and jerk @ 83%

C. Back squat

Set 1: 95% x 1 then 80% x 4
Set 2: 95% x 1 then 80% x 4 (add 5-10lbs
every set if possible)
Set 3: 95% x 1 then 80% x 4 (add 5-10lbs
every set if possible)

D. Accessory work

3x10 weighted ghd hip extensions
3x10 BB RDLs