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Thursday, October 11, 2018

  Thurs 10/11/18
Mobility: Ankles
Strength/Skill: Skill:
Pistol Progressions-
5 Feet together squats (or as narrow as you
can - if needed, hold onto a band to prevent
you from falling backwards)
4 Single-Leg Bottom Holds (at the bottom of
the feet together squat, extend one leg and
grab toe, hold for 2 seconds then switch legs
without standing up)(mod: put a band across
a squat rack and put it under your butt to
prevent falling
8 Single-Leg Squats on box (Find a box
height where in the bottom position of the
pistol your opposite heel is just barely touching
the ground. Sit back until heel taps the floor
then push up. Can use a plate for counter-
balance if needed or hold a heavier KB to
make it more challenging) (mod: if you can't
do the push, just work on the descent and do
a :05 negative)(
4 per leg, 3 sets)

*between each set of single-leg squats, take
2 minutes to practice double unders
Met-Con: 20:00 AMRAP

500m Row
100m Farmer Walks (F: 35s/26s) (S: 53s/35s)
Close Grip Alt Pull-ups: 2x10 (5 each side
of the bar, switch hand position each set, no
SB Backward Side Throw: 2x10 each
(throw against concrete wall, not plywood)
Seated Box Jump: 2x8
Using max WATTS average found last week,
perform :20 on/1:00 off x 10 sets at 90% of
max avg. watts