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Monday, October 1, 2018

  Mon 10/1/18
Mobility: Shoulders
Strength/Skill: Developing Pulling Strength:
3 sets for quality of movement-

4 Hanging Leg Raises from a Chin-up Hold 
(slow and controlled)(mod: knee raise, if you've
been doing toes-to-poles, progress to hanging 
knee raise with a controlled descent for 4 reps)

10 Lying BB Pullovers (add a small amount of 
weight from what you did last week if possible) 
(mod: kneeling banded straight arm pull downs w/ 
dowel, if you're ready to progress to the BB, start 
with 6 reps)

10 DB/KB Chinese Rows (raise a bench on plates 
and choose weights that will challenge you for 8 
unbroken reps)(both arms together)

Max unbroken chin-ups (no tempo, use a band if
Met-Con: 4 Rounds for Time

15 Thrusters (F: 75/55) (S: 115/75)
30 Russian/Oblique Twist w/ MB (F: 14/10)(S: 20/14)
60 Double Unders/Single Unders 
Iso High Rows (Hammer strength machine upstairs):
DB Incline Rows (mid range incline bench): 4x10
Curl Bar Curls (inner grip): 4x10
*choose weights that will challenge you for 10 
unbroken reps and stick to it for all 4 sets
Express 4 Rounds for Time

10 DBL DB Thrusters
30 Russian Twists w/ MB
60 Double Unders/Single Unders
Barbell Deloadish

A. Snatch high pull + no feet snatch + no feet hang 
snatch (above knee)

5(1+1+2) @ 60-70%

B. Hang clean (below knee) + split jerk

5(3+2) @ 60-70%

C. Front squat

75% x4
80% x3
85% x2
88% x2 
90% x1

D. Weighted GHD hip extensions (plate behind neck)

3x10 (slight pause at extension)