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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

  Wed 9/12/18
Mobility: Shoulders
Strength/Skill: Developing Pressing Strength:
3 sets for quality of movement-

5 Ring/Box Dip negatives (jump up to support,
pause, then :05 negative until biceps touch
rings, or if on boxes, to equivalent depth. Can
be modified with a band or with a foot on the
ground to take some of your body weight)

5 Handstand Negatives (back to wall, stay
hollow, :05 descent, kick down and restart,
mod: add abmats if needed, can add
abmats for feet on box mod as well if needed, or
pike push-up negatives if good form can be
**if still too difficult, perform 1 box circle each

10 Weighted Push-ups (Try to add weight from
last week, or drop down one hole on the rig if
you did incline push-ups)

10 1/2 Kneeling KB OH Side Bends per side
(keep eyes on the up arm, bend to the side
until opposite hand touches the ground and then
come back up)
Met-Con: 14:00 AMRAP

5 Strict Pull-ups (mod: banded pull ups or 10
renegade row)
10 Power Cleans (F: 75/55) (S: 95/65)
15 Back Rack Box Step-ups (20")

*stimulus for the power cleans should be a
weight that can be cycled touch and go
unbroken for 15 reps when fresh.
DB Bench Press: 2x10
DB Lateral Raises: 2x10
Overhead Tricep Extensions: 2x10
*Deload: use a moderate weight
Express 14:00 AMRAP-

5 Strict Pull-ups (mod: banded pull-ups or 10
renegade rows)
10 Alt KB Cleans
15 KB Step-ups
Barbell A. Pause snatch pull (at knee) + hang snatch (at

5 @ 70-80%

B. Hang power clean (at hip) + hang power clean
(below knee) + front squat

5 @ 70-80%

C. Behind the neck push press + BTN split jerk

Build up to a heavy complex for the day

D. Clean pull + hang clean pull (at knee)

5 @ 90%+