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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Partner Met-con:

Against a 20:00 running clock,
400m MB Run
80 Wall Balls (F: 14/10)(S: 20/14)
400m DB Run
80 DB Hip to Overhead (F: 35/20)(S: 50/35)

with remaining time, AMRAP

8 MB Slams (F: 14/10)(S: 20/14)
8 Alt. DB Squat Cleans (F: 35/20)(S: 50/35)

*MB cannot touch the ground until all MB movements are done. Same goes with the DB. 5 synchronized burpee penalty.
*For the AMRAP, partners will alternate after every round.

Rest 5:00, then...

Core Burnout:
6 Rounds of each
:20 on/:10 off
Hollow Rocks
KB Plank Drags
Russian Oblique Twists
Stationary Bear Crawl