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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

  Wed 8/15/18
Mobility: Shoulders
Strength/Skill: Every :90 for 8 sets:
1 Split Jerk building up in weight to a heavy
single for the day
Met-Con: For time: (12:00 cap)

75 Deadlifts*

Every 2 minutes perform 8 bar-facing burpees

*weight changes after every 25 reps

W1: (F: 95/65) (S: 135/95)
W2: (F: 115/75) (S: 155/115)
W3: (F: 135/95) (S: 185/135)

*every unfinish deadlifts equals a second
that will be added to time cap.
MB Leg Raises: 2x10 (use a light ball and
focus on staying hollow)
Elevated DBL KB 1-Leg RDL: 2x10 each
(stand on KG plates, so you can lean over
further - make sure the spine stays neutral)
Express 12:00 AMRAP-

9 Hang KB Cleans (right)
6 KB Push Jerks (right)
3 Reverse TGU's (right)
9 Hang KB Cleans (left)
6 KB Push Jerks (left)
3 Reverse TGU's (left)
Barbell A. Snatch pull + power snatch + hang snatch +
overhead squat

5 (1+1+1+2) @ 70-75%

B. 2-position clean (high hip and knee) + push
jerk + split jerk

5 @ 70-75%

C. Push press

Build up to a heavyish 5 rep for the day

D. hang clean panda pulls