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Monday, February 5, 2018

  Mon 2/5/18
Mobility: Shoulders/Front Rack
Strength/Skill: EMOM x 9:00-
M1: Ring Muscle-ups x2-4 reps
M2: Belly-facing-wall Shoulder Taps (stay hollow) x10
M3: 8-10 Unbroken Toes-to-Bar

M1: 3-6 C2B Pull-ups (Intermediate)/Pull-ups(Scaled)
M2: Circle Walks (feet on box in a modifed handstand,
walk hands laterally to complete a full circle and then
reverse directions) x 1 circle each way
M3: 8-10 Unbroken Knee Raises
Met-Con: 3:00 AMRAP x3 (Rest 3:00 between each AMRAP)

A. 15 Burpees
15 cal AB
Max Power Cleans (F: 95/65) (S: 135/95) (S+:155/105)

B. 12 Burpees
12 cal AB
Max Power Cleans (F: 115/75) (S: 155/105)(S+:185/135)

C. 9 Burpees
9 cal AB
Max Power Cleans (F: 135/95) (S: 185/135)(S+:205/155)
Floor Press: conservative 3RM then -10% for 3x3

Landmine Rotations: 3x20 (10 each)
Express 3:00 on/1:00 off x 3 Rd's (pick up each rd where you left off)
15 Burpees
12/10 cal AB
9 DB Power Cleans
Barbell A) 3 Position Clean (floor, below knee, upper thigh)
2@50%, 2@60%, 3@70%

B) Halting Clean Deadlifts (pause at upper thigh)

C) Push Press + Split Jerk
2x (1+2)@60% (of push press)
2x (1+2)@65%
2x (1+2)@70%

*+5-10lbs from last week on all movements