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Friday, December 8, 2017

  Fri 12/8/17
Mobility: Shoulders/Hamstrings
Strength/Skill: Strict Press: 80% of 5RM for 4x4

paired with 4x8 Romanian Deadlifts (at week 1's weight)
(Stay over the bar, do not shift weight back to your heels.
You should feel this in your back. Build the back strength.) 
Met-Con: CrossFit Open Workout 12.4/13.3

12:00 AMRAP-

150 Wall Balls
90 Double Unders
30 Muscle-ups (F: C2B Pull-ups/Pull-ups)
Jefferson Curls (standing on a box): 2x5 (light and slow! Curl
one segment of the spine at a time working from the top down
and then on the way up work from the bottom up)
Heidens (Like speed skaters without letting the back foot touch
the ground. Work on jumping for height AND distance and hold
the landing for 3 seconds before jumping back): 2x5 each
Front Squat
80% of 5RM for 4x4
Express 14:00 AMRAP-
20 Alt. 1-Arm RKBS
20 Plate Russian Twists
10 Pull-ups/Ring Rows
10 1-Arm KB Russian Sit-up (5 each)