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Friday, October 13, 2017

1) If you want to put in an order for a hoodie, size (unisex sizing) and $45 cash is due TODAY Friday, October 13th. We will be ordering gray this time instead of black and we only order once every couple of YEARS so don't miss out!! There won't be any extras ordered.

2) The box will be closed at 1pm for Battle on the Bay prep and won't reopen until 4pm Saturday. No PM classes on Friday and no Saturday morning classes.

3) Don't forget to get registered for Barbells for Boobs!! Join our team at, create your fundraising page and fund raise away!! Our team goal is $3000 and we've got a ways to go so we need you! The event will be on Saturday, October 28th beginning at 9:30am. You do not need to be at the event to fundraise, and you don't HAVE to fundraise to come to the event (however, it shows more unity if you do). We will have a donation bucket on site that day as well for cash donations. If you want to participate, please let me know which division you want to be in so we can create heats as needed (local boxes are welcome to join us!). The workout that day is "Grace" 30 Clean and Jerks for time. Divisions will be: Rx 135/95lbs, Scaled 95/65lbs, Beginner 65/45lbs*(beginners can adjust as necessary). Help us support breast cancer research!

  Fri 10/13/17
Mobility: Psoas Smash
4 sets for quality of movement:
Level 1
12 Alt. Pistols to ball stacked on as few plates as needed
in order to keep good form (focus on knee straight, active
hip, belly in tight, grip the floor and stay under control)
12 Tempo Ring Rows at :03 down/pull/:02 pause
:30 Handstand hold with feet on box or wall (focus on
staying in the hollow body, active lats, and legs higher than
previous weeks)
:30 Hollow body plank hold on hands with alternating opposite
arm-opposite leg raise if possible (focus on not letting the body
or hips shift when reaching)

Level 2
12 Alt. Pistols to band across the squat rack (do not
bounce off of it, focus on control, knee straight, hip active,
grip the floor, belly in tight)
4 Weighted Strict Pull-ups (same weight from last week or more)
:30 Handstand hold on the wall attempting to bring feet off
the wall and find the balance point (focus on staying in
the hollow body, active lats, legs together, toes pointed)
16 Hollow body plank drags with KB

Level 3
12 Alt. Pistols (focus on keeping the heel down,
weight balanced, knee straight, active hip, chest up)
6 Weighted Strict Pull-ups (same weight from last week or more)
:10-:30 Freestanding handstand hold
20 Hollow rocks (smooth rocks, belly pulled up and in, arms by
the ears, legs long and pressed together with toes pointed)
*Box closes at 1pm for comp prep. No PM classes and No Open Gym



Double Unders
Reverse Drop Lunges (farmer's carry style, standing on
elevated surface 6"-10" high) - 2x10 each
DB Rotational Curls - 2x10 each
*Use moderate weight. Just want to feel the muscles work a
Barbell A. Build up to a heavy single snatch. Perform 5 singles.
Be conservative, NO MISSES.

B. Build up to a heavy single clean and jerk. Perform 5
singles. Be conservative, NO MISSES.

*+5-10 lbs every week