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Monday, June 19, 2017

FYI: Beginning JULY, we will no longer be having Coach instructed classes on THURSDAYS. CrossFit Striking will still take place at 7am and CrossFit Kids will take place at 4pm. All other gym hours will be open for Open Gym with a workout still posted for the day. I will be in the gym (or in my office whenever that is finished) from 10am-6pm on Thursdays (with the exception of a lunch hour) to assist anyone that has any workout questions, etc. If we find that membership begins to spike and people want Thursday classes again, we'll consider bringing them back in based off the numbers. We will also be moving 12pm CrossFit and Express to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule. We thank you for understanding and we look forward to helping you continue to BE BETTER.

  Mon 6/19/17
Mobility: Hips, Quads, Ankles
Back Squats:
80% of last week's 5RM for 4x4
Tabata Style "Speed and Power"

3 rounds

:20 on/:20 off
Push Landmine Presses (find a
managable weight)
MB Side Throws
Blast offs (20" box for all)

Rest :40 between rounds
Handle/Belt Squat: 3x10
BB Hip Thrusts on bench: 4x8
GHD Back Raises: 4x8

*Keep building up in weight from last
AMRAP in 12:00:

5 Tire Flips
10 DBL KB Front Squats
15 Toes to Bar
Barbell A. Build to a heavy snatch triple
then drop set at 80% for 3x3
(+5-10lbs each week)

B. Split Jerk triples
50%, 60%, 65%, 70% 3x3
(+5-10lbs each week)