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Sunday FUNDAY, July 12th 2015

Warmup- Ladder run around building (one long line at slow pace. Person in rear sprints to front and slows back down as whole group moves.) Ultimately, it's an interval run. Try to get each person the opportunity to sprint at least twice. 

Group Stretch

Agility- Team relay- set two cones up at start line approximately 10ft. apart for each of the two teams. One person from each team will start in between the cones and on your "go" will do 5 lateral side shuffles touching the cone each time left to right, and then sprint to a cone approximately 25-30ft. away and come back to tag the next teammate. If time allows and they are enjoying it, give them a second round with a different movement (i.e. sprint/bear crawl/etc...)

Strength- Wendler- Week 1 for Press 65% x 5, 75% x 5, 85% x 5. Allow no more than 20 minutes

WOD- four rounds each in teams of 3 for time outside Team will perform in order 50 DU (100 SU) 10 tire flips (5 down and 5 back so tire is in same spot) 10 OH press (95/65) from the ground Team member one will start on the DU's. When done, he/she will move to tire flips and team member 2 will begin DU's. When team member one finishes tire flips, team member two can move to tire flips if he/she is done with DU's. Team member three can now start DU's. They must all perform the total reps for each movement and cannot move forward until the person in front of them is done. 20 Minute CAP.