Getting Started

Alameda CrossFit offers a FREE class every Saturday at 8:30am. This class is structured for first time or beginning CrossFitters. We have two coaches on site that will make sure you feel comfortable throughout the entirety of the class. Please arrive a few minutes early to sign your waiver and shake out the nerves. ☺

If you enjoy your experience and would like to sign up, one of our member coordinators will take care of you right then and there. All members with less than 6 months of CrossFit experience are required to take our ON-RAMP course. The ON-RAMP consists of 3 one-on-one sessions with CrossFit Director Ben Foster and/or ACF Coaches. Upon sign up you will receive an email that will link you to the ON-RAMP sign up sheet. The sessions are one hour in length and will jump start your journey to fitness. The total cost of the ON-RAMP course is $150. It is a great opportunity to become familiar with the CrossFit movements and methodologies and ask any questions you have about the program. After passing the ON-RAMP course you are officially an ACF'er!

*If Saturday at 8:30am does not work with your schedule please email Mary Lathrop at and he will accommodate you.