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DPT Kelly Starrett is the founder of San Francisco CrossFit, Mobility WOD, and author of NY Times Best Seller Becoming a Supple Leopard and Ready to Run.

Carl Paoli is founder of Gymnastics WOD,  Freestyle Connection and author of FREE+STYLE.

Eric Cressey is arguably the #1 Strength and Conditioning Coach in the game! Author of hundreds of articles and Maximum Strength.

Juggernaut Strength Training is represented by the best of the best in their respected sport and/or field of research. They offer tons of free information and practice what they preach.

Katy Bowman is why you've heard the term, "Pelvic Floor." She popularized the term in her book Aligned and Well. She has a great YouTube channel as well where she even teaches you how to hold a baby and avoid shoulder pain :)

Ido Portal is hugely responsible for the rise of the movement culture and conducts seminars on movement worldwide.

Gray Cook is the author of many books, my favorite of which is Athletic Body in Balance. He is also the founder of Functional Movement Systems.

Dr. Stuart McGill aka Dr. Spine! Sweet nickname!

Other well known CrossFit affiliates that offer some great information.