Athlete: Kayla Simonson

I am 20 years old and have been doing cross fit for about a year and a half and I don't plan on turning back! My most memorable moment starting out is when we were finding our 1 rep max deadlift and I pulled up way more weight then I had expected and that got me so pumped to see what else I was capable of. The greatest part of ACF is the variety of amazing people who have become my second family. They motivate me to push myself everyday and it's always nice to have 10-20 workout buddies doing the same crazy workout as you! Oh, and our coaches are the bee's knees, greatest mentors I know. I'm currently working on being able to do strict pull ups and linking kipping pull ups. My favorite WODs are anything with burpees because I've learned to love what you hate the most. I do CrossFit to help my performance as a college athlete and I love to push myself to new limits.