Have questions? Well, we have some answers, below! If you are interested in learning more, please contact us!

"I want to sign up. What is the process from start to finish?"

You have a couple options:

1. Attend our CrossFit FUN-damentals class on Saturday at 8:30am. If you enjoy the class, sign up with a member coordinator and you will recieve an email shortly from the CrossFit Director, Ben Foster. Within this email you can sign up for your ON-RAMP sessions.

All new members are required to attend our ON-RAMP classes. The ON-RAMP consists of 3 hour long one-on-one sessions in which you are introduced to the fundamental CrossFit movements. After completing all three sessions you can begin attending classes. 

2. If you cannot make our FUN-damentals class you can schedule a one-on-one session with the CrossFit Director, Ben Foster, by emailing him at alamedaxfit@bladium.com. This session will function as your first ON-RAMP session if you decide to sign up following the workout. 

What is CrossFit Fundamentals?

This is a free, introductory class open for anyone to attend! With that in mind, we design the class to be approachable to all levels of fitness. The first 15 minutes consist of a dynamic warm up. The following 30 minutes consist of a skill development in which we have 2 coaches on site helping all participants. The final 10-15 minutes consist of a workout that uses the skill we've been developing for the previous 30 minutes. We require all members new to CrossFit to attend this class when possible.

"I have never worked out or lifted weights in my life, is CrossFit for me?"

You're not alone. Many of our members haven't lifted a weight since high school athletics and others never at all. We offer 3 different programs in each class to accommodate the different skill levels. Depending on both your skill and comfort level in class, we may ask that you participate in some one-on-one training sessions and/or exclusively attend our CrossFit Fundamentals and Technique WOD classes until you're more comfortable with the movements.

What can I expect in a CrossFit class?

The class is 60 minutes long. The first 15 minutes consist of a dynamic warm up and generally a lot of socializing. The following 20-25 minutes consist of either a skill or strength development. We may, for example, review how to do a proper pull up. The final 15-20 minutes consist of the WOD (Workout of the Day).

What does WOD, AMRAP, EMOTM and all these other CrossFit abbreviations stand for?

CrossFit is on the verge of qualifying as it's own language. Don't worry, it'll all be second nature within a couple months. WOD stands for Workout of the Day. AMRAP stands for As Many Round/Reps as Possible. EMOTM stands for Every Minute on the Minute.

What is a functional movement?

Our definition of functional movement is moving the way your body is designed to move; following basic bio-mechanics. Functional movements should transfer to your daily life.

What is CrossFit Beer Friday?

In this class we play sports, do a WOD, and then hang out and drink beer. It's a great way to get to know the community. We often BBQ as well.

What is active recovery?

We sometimes find that the best way to get rid of your soreness is to move around a bit. We will often offer an "Active Recovery WOD" which will be low impact and focused on keeping a slow and steady pace for a longer duration than you're used to seeing in a WOD.

Does everyone here eat Paleo?

Nope! We have everything from vegans to junk food fanatics, though we advise against the junk food thing. If you're interested in Paleo, CrossFit Director Ben Foster has been eating this way for years and is happy to talk about.

I have a bad knee and/or shoulder can I still do CrossFit?

Yes. Many of our members have existing injuries from their athletic careers or daily life rigors. The coaches are always happy to modify the movements so you can continue to participate and hopefully even strengthen the injured area.

When can I start competing?

We have people that have competed in competitions within their first 3 months of training. Fortunately many local boxes offer "Rookie Competitions" that require you to have 12 or less months experience of CrossFit in order to compete. The workouts are still taxing but the movements are on the simpler side.

Do you offer one-on-one or small group personal sessions?

Yes. Please inquire with the specific coach you would like training with.

Can I do Advanced CrossFit class?

We ask that you have at least 3 months (or more) of CrossFit experience before joining Advanced CrossFit class. We perform team workouts and spend little time reviewing the movements as it is expected that all those in attendance have a grasp of all CrossFit movements.

What is FMP?

FMP stands for Functional Movement Practice. While the clock is a staple of CrossFit we think it should often times be thought of as a test. FMP workouts are always "Not for Score" (NFS) or "Not for Time" (NFT). This allows you to focus on the movements in the WOD and not get caught up in beating the person next to you or beating a previous time. If you struggle with a certain movement, the snatch for example, it's not very wise to try to do a bunch of them as fast you can. Slow down and participate in some Function Movement Practice! 

Is CrossFit as intense as I've heard?

Intensity is part of our methodology but keep in mind it is a relative term. Intensity for you may be a 10 minute mile, while intensity for someone else may mean a 6 minute mile. CrossFit is as intense as you want it to be.

Which program should I be following; Fitness, Sport, or COMP Team?

We recommend all new clients follow Fitness for their first 6 months. If you have experience with the movements, you may be ok to follow Sport. Keep in mind however that being able to do the movements is different then doing them correctly at a fast pace for multiple reps following a 400M sprint. If you would like to follow the COMP Team program please speak to Ben or Mary.

Should I expect to be sore?

You will experience muscle soreness while CrossFitting. This is not a bad thing but also shouldn't be the objective of every workout. It's important you build a relationship with your body so you can begin to identify the difference between soreness and pain. You should not be in pain.

How many times a week should I be doing CrossFit?

This is very dependent on your current fitness level but a general prescription for your first 6 months is 2 days on, 1 day off. After 6 months we recommend 3 days on, 1 day off.

Am I too young, old, overweight, out of shape, injured or all of the above to do CrossFit?

If you want to do CrossFit, you can do CrossFit. Yes you will have to modify the movements and/or volume, weight, etc. but we are here to help you do that. We train both high level collegiate athletes and grandmothers in the same class. We have been working with the general public for 4+ years and are well versed in how to handle ALL fitness levels and circumstances.