Athlete: Chris Pieda

I'm 41, been doing CrossFit for 2 yrs in August!! First memorable WOD was Isabel, I think - 30 snatches w 135 for time? I did about 45 reps because Mary kept no-repping my press-outs. It didn't matter though, because it was a hell of a workout and I was HOOKED! Best part of ACrossFit is the wicked awesome community. You name it and they're there for you. Coaches rock, fellow CrossFitters are just as great. Still trying to master those pesky snatches - haha. Fav Wod is anything ending in a heavy deadlift. I do CrossFit to stay in shape, get a little mild competition with the group and because it's just fun - even working out at 6 AM!!

On top of Chris being one of our athlete members, he is also a trusted resource for our athletes. Dr. Chris Pieda is owner and operator of Back to Health Chiropractic in Alameda, CA.

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